DAMEHT: Resurrecting an ‘80s counterculture icon | HUCK

In 1986, Clayton Patterson revolutionised the baseball cap. Taking the classic five-panel design and adding his own often custom-made designs, soon the Clayton Caps were a go-to for any self-respecting New Yorker, Hollywood director, movie star or sports hero of the 1980s. From graffiti superstar Keith Haring to rebel actor Matt Dillon, everyone had to have one.

Now NYC punk outfit DAMEHT have teamed up with Patterson to release their own limited edition reissues of the Clayton Cap.

Patterson put his faith in the young upstarts as custodians of the rebellious artistic culture that once flourished on the Lower East Side, before gentrification came-a-knocking and things got all too bougie and brunchie.

The band returned the honour with an art exhibition, the $16 Burger Show, which helped restore Patterson’s faith that all was not lost on the L.E.S.

We reached out to the band to find out about their resurrection of a classic and their creative collaboration with Patterson.By Alex King for HUCK Magazine

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